Dedicated to the technology of feminine Self- empowerment

STILLNESS: KUNDALINI HANDBOOK is written in the lineage of Kundalini pioneering researchers, is a bible of feminine awakening for the 2020s. Dr. Streitfeld delivers in three volumes of practical knowledge based on personal experience of being a human Möbius strip reflecting the Hieros Gamos embodiment manifested externally in the environment.
Vol. I is now on sale

SIX GOLDEN RULES have put many on the path to Self-transformation in the past 30 years. Here they are published in a short handbook for the first time.

DESCENT TO THE HIEROS GAMOS presents a holistic system utilizing ancient technology of the cycle of feminine descent and transformation. Ancient knowledge is applied to a two decade contemporary experiment in manifesting the formlessness of the Venus cycles with the Moon and Sun into contemporary forms of the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage of opposites.

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